Fasteners factory will meet the overcapacity situation and raw materials increasing, The overcapacity refers to the common standard parts (less than 8.8 Grade) to restrictive development.

Analysis the main reasons of recent rising trend price of raw material: First, control steel industry production capacity in order to keep the balance between supply and demand. The countries to strengthen macro-control of the iron and steel industry, the steel market could develop smoothly. Second, the decline in steel imports and exports increase, is conducive to price stabilization. Last, manufacture and buyer are optimistic about the market demand, and dare to procurement.

Fasteners industry is dependent on the raw materials, rising raw materials will naturally increase the cost of production. In the current situation, fasteners should be timely adjustment of product structure, control the scale of investment, compressed non-productive expenditure.

In addition, in order to save material expenses, Fasteners factory have to strength the technology and explor more wider market.

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