Matters needing attention in the operation of hot water gas boiler system

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2022/05/26 14:23

In industrial thermal applications, the operation system of the hot water gas boiler is more complicated, including the boiler system and piping system, and what should be paid attention to in the operation of the hot water gas boiler system in the later stage? Heze Boiler will introduce to you in detail:


Precautions for the operation of hot water gas boilers


(1) When starting the large circulating water pump, the bypass valve should be opened first to prevent the boiler or radiator from being damaged due to excessive starting pressure. After the boiler is in normal operation, the main water valve should be opened and the bypass valve should be closed.


(2) As the water temperature rises and the make-up water enters the boiler, the gas will continue to precipitate, and the exhaust valve should be opened frequently.


(3) The hot water gas boiler should also be regularly discharged through the blowdown valve during operation. When discharging, pay attention to the stability of the pressure in the boiler to avoid the water hammer accident caused by the evaporation of the boiler water. The network system discharges sewage through a sewage treatment plant.


(4) Minimize the amount of water replenishment in the hot water heating system, repair water leakage in time, strengthen the management of exhaust and drainage devices, and prohibit free hot water for other purposes. In general, the water supply of the system should be controlled within 1% of the circulating water volume of the system.



(5) The expansion pipe of the expansion tank should be installed on the main water supply (outlet) pipe of the boiler. It is strictly forbidden to install valves on the expansion pipe, and antifreeze measures should be taken.


(6) The circulating water should maintain a certain flow rate and flow into each heating surface evenly to prevent evaporation.


(7) Appropriate power failure protection measures should be taken. When the natural circulation hot water gas boiler suddenly loses power, the boiler water can still continue to circulate, which is not a big threat to safe operation. However, when the forced circulation hot water gas boiler suddenly loses power and forces the water pump fan to stop running, the boiler water circulation stops immediately, which is prone to serious accidents due to evaporation. Some larger boiler rooms are equipped with backup power or diesel engines that should be started quickly when the grid goes out to ensure that the water circulation in the system is not interrupted.


(8) In order to coordinate the operation of the boiler firing system and the water circulation system and prevent the occurrence and expansion of accidents, it is best to interlock the boiler coal feeding ventilation and other equipment with the water pump, so that the furnace will be extinguished immediately after the water circulation is stopped.


(9) Environmental protection is now advocated everywhere, especially gas boilers. When purchasing boilers, users should pay attention to local environmental protection requirements and choose appropriate boilers.


The above introduces the precautions in the operation of the hot water boiler system. In fact, the safe and stable operation of steam boilers and hot water boilers is very important. The boiler owner should always control the boiler within the normal range to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

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