Precautions when installing gas boilers

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2022/05/26 14:24

After purchasing a gas boiler, users also face the problems of transportation and installation. How to ensure the normal installation and normal operation of the boiler is the focus of many users. With years of experience in boiler installation, Zhongjie Special Installation has summarized the following precautions, hoping to let more users know the correct operation method when installing gas boilers.



1. The gas boiler shall not be installed in the bedroom or room directly connected to the bedroom, nor shall it be installed in the basement with poor air flow.

2. In order to ensure safety and stability, users need to choose a professional installation company with gas boiler installation qualifications for installation.

3. It is necessary to connect a reliable ground wire for the 220V gas boiler power supply to ensure safe use.

4. The connection between the gas pipeline and the gas burner requires a special gas pipeline.

5. After the gas pipeline is installed, open the gas valve and use soapy liquid to check whether there is air leakage at the connection part. If there is a leak, close the valve to repair or replace the seal, then check the gas boiler until there is no leak.

6. The boiler installation must be flat or reasonably planned, as short, small and thick as possible, that is, the pipeline should be shortened as much as possible, the detours should be reduced, and the diameter of the pipe should be thick. In addition, the main diameter of the return water should be the same as the diameter of the gas boiler outlet and return water.

7. The slope of the natural circulating water main pipeline and return water pipeline is 3-5%. The exhaust pipe should be placed at the system height and no valve should be installed.

8. The drain valve is installed at the lower part of the system, and the bottom of the replenishment tank should be higher than the water supply pipe. Active exhaust valves must not replace vents, and valves must not be installed or blocked.

9. The smoke pipe must be installed outdoors, and the slope should be inclined downward by 5° to avoid condensed water flow and cause corrosion of the furnace body, and no combustible substances should be placed around the smoke pipe.

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