Safety operation rules for gas boilers

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2022/05/26 14:24

Inspection before ignition of gas boiler: 1. Boiler, fan and boiler circulating water pump should be in good working condition. .Safety accessories (such as pressure gauge, water level gauge, boiler explosion-proof door, etc.) should be complete, flexible and reliable. .The water level of the hot water tank is higher than 2/3 of the height of the tank (but lower than the overflow). Boiler water level is full. .Keep the flue unobstructed and open the damper of the induced draft fan. .Check whether the natural gas supply system can work normally (whether the air pressure is normal, whether the gas-liquid separator is empty), open the gas manual valve, there is no leakage. Gas boiler ignition start: 1. Start the boiler induced draft fan and ventilate for 20 minutes. .Press the start button to start the burner nozzle. Step 1: Blow the stove for 5 minutes first. After 5 minutes, it will automatically ignite. Observe whether the ignition is successful. After success, first run on low fire for one minute, then automatically switch to high fire, and then start the induced draft fan to run normally. (Automatic program) 3. During the operation, it should be checked regularly, every half an hour, the main check points: a. Whether the natural gas flow and pressure are stable. b. Whether the motor burner is running normally and whether there is noise in the motor. c. Is the furnace flame normal? d. Whether the boiler hot water circulating pump is normal (manual test). e. Whether the boiler pressure is normal (normal pressure, adjustment range: high stop fire, low start). F. Whether the induced draft fan is normal and whether the motor makes abnormal noise. 4. During normal operation, the burner does not need any operation, and all fire and small conversions will be automatically performed according to the setting needs. .The burner has the function of manually turning the high fire and turning the low fire button, and the heat can be manually controlled according to the needs. (Start-stop 2# fire switch) Stop the gas boiler: 1. The furnace is regularly started and stopped according to production requirements. .Press the stop button to stop the burner and close the pipeline gas supply valve.

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