Performance characteristics of gas wall-hung boilers

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2022/05/19 16:19

With the improvement of people's living standards, the comfort requirements for residential heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply equipment are getting higher and higher. At present, the gas wall-hung boiler, as an independent household gas heating and domestic hot water supply equipment, can meet the demand of domestic water heating, and the hot water supply is stable. Manufacturers of fireplaces are also very optimistic about this market. As a new product, the gas wall-hung boiler has the characteristics of meeting the needs of modern hot water. The characteristics of the gas wall-hung boiler are: 1. Energy saving and environmental protection: Unlike central heating, it will waste a lot of heat on the pipeline. Relatively speaking, wall-hung boiler heating can improve heating efficiency. Conducive to environmental protection. The balanced combustion design allows the air required for combustion to enter from the outside, and the flue gas generated during the combustion process is forced to be discharged to the outside to ensure the safe and reliable use of indoor fresh air. The combustion chamber is completely independent, which prolongs the service life of the boiler. 2. The best heating comfort: When the floor is heated, the effective temperature of the ground is higher than the air temperature of the breathing line, forming a unique microclimate condition, which is in line with the traditional Chinese theory of warming feet first and warming feet for fitness. Warm feet, cool roof. Effectively prevent cold legs, arthritis and respiratory diseases. 3. Clean and hygienic: The green heating floor heating method is radiant heat conduction, which will not cause indoor dirty air convection, eliminate peculiar smell, no traditional drying phenomenon, and reduce cold radiation to the human body. 4. Cost saving: Generally, the room heating is about 100 square meters, and the room temperature is constant at 20 °C. The wall-mounted boiler runs intermittently for 5 hours a day, and the gas consumption is 12 cubic meters per day. A gas wall-hung boiler is a water heater that uses natural gas as energy. It has a variety of safety protection measures against freezing, dry burning, accidental flameout, overheating and water pump blockage. With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people use gas wall-hung boilers.

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