​Why do people like to use condensing wall-hung boilers?

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2022/05/26 14:23

Why do everyone use condensing wall-hung boilers? Condensing wall-hung boilers are more efficient at low temperature operation, so they are more suitable for ground radiant heating with low return water temperature. This is determined by the condensing properties of the condensed product. Under normal circumstances, the high water supply temperature of floor heating cannot exceed 6 °C, and the commonly used supply and return water temperature in actual operation is generally about 40 °C. This temperature is also the temperature range of the condensing fireplace, which can exert its efficiency. The advantages of a good condensing wall-hung boiler are mainly in the effectiveness, all system design and final selection configuration is also to achieve greater condensation. Whether it's floor heating or radiators, as long as the system's water supply temperature can be reduced to the effective operating temperature region for condensation, that's fine. People have questions about whether condensing radiators are effective. In fact, the water supply temperature of the condensing wall-hung boiler is controlled by selecting a low-temperature radiator or appropriately expanding the area of ​​the common radiator in the system configuration, and then combining the combination of climate compensation technology + radiator can also achieve effective condensing operation. Of course, to ensure that the condensing wall-hung boiler can be better used, it is not enough to do a good job of product and installation, but also depends on the support and approval of consumers. Jiangsu Novente Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has established five types of condensing wall-hung furnaces, including condensing wall-hung furnaces, comprehensive furnace agents, comprehensive franchises, comprehensive furnace brands, gas wall-hung furnaces, wall-hung furnaces, and comprehensive furnaces. The comprehensive furnace integrating sales, installation, technical support and after-sales service, comprehensive furnace factory renovation, comprehensive furnace price is reasonable, comprehensive furnace price is reasonable, vigorously implement modern management, standardization, procedural, scientific management, and at the same time customize products for customers, provide Point-to-point guided sales interpretation, opening gaps for new profits for customers, one-to-one after-sales service.

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